OUA’s second weekend of September was full of good food, great views, and better company

Quick Itinerary – via train, bus, boat and foot:

1. Friday- Rooney Center departure at 7:00 am

2. Friday- Pompei from about 13:00-17:00 pm

3. Friday evening – Sorrento

4. Saturday all day – Island of Capri

5. Saturday night – Sorrento

6. Sunday of travel and arrival in Arezzo around 19:00 pm

23 students and 7 adults made up a 30-person tour of the Pompeii ruins Friday afternoon. I can speak for everyone by saying that it was everything and more. You could feel the history and see the power of the active Vesuvius volcano.

Next – Sorrento! Sorrento is a beautiful coastal city with great seafood and linen. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was a family (group) dinner at Ristorante Zi’Ntonio where we had a lovely meal in the private little cove downstairs of the restaurant.

Saturday was dedicated to the breath-taking Island of Capri. We started our day with a 2-hour private boat ride around the island to see green and blue water caves and swim in the Mediterranean Sea – I think a couple of us checked that off our bucket list! After the boat ride, we had a free afternoon in Capri. Myself and over half of the group went “Ana” (the Greek word for “up”) to Ana Capri, or the more elevated city on the island. We had an exceptional lunch of sea food dishes and fresh pizza followed by window shopping and a chair lift ride to the top of Mount Solaro for a view in the clouds.

Saturday evening was spent getting to know Sorrento a little better and enjoying its nightlife before a Sunday of traveling back to OUA home base.

I recommend all three of our destinations to fellow travelers who want a little history, fresh food, shopping and salty water.

This weekend allowed me to get to know everyone better and appreciate how different we all are. We can’t lose with a study abroad group like this one!


-Caroline Reynolds

OUA Fall 2017


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