Nonprofit Internship Experience – Arturo Alonso

October 3, 2018

This fall semester I am interning at Oxfam Italia, an international nonprofit organization that strives to bring unity and change to various social issues including poverty and human rights. Oxfam has nothing to do with Aerospace Engineering, the major I am pursuing, but I chose this organization because the impact they have around the world really stood out to me since I value service to provide people with a better quality life. At Oxfam, I am primarily working with my advisor, Claudia. On top of many things, she is a part of a team that is organizing a three-year-long human rights activism campaign called “Walk the Global Walk”. The goal of the campaign is to educate teachers and their students about Global Citizenship and to advocate for their human rights. They are currently in the first step of the process, which is providing teachers with different tools to use in the classroom so that the students can begin to discuss the topics of Global Citizenship education.

I am a couple of weeks into my internship at Oxfam and currently, I am working on three main projects. The first is the Oxfam Aperitivo which is an event that will host the OUA community, giving the students and those invited an insight into what Oxfam is all about including the impact it has here in Arezzo, as well as internationally. The second project I am working on is figuring out what methods will be most effective in spreading information about the Walk the Global Walk campaign to various audiences through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. In addition, I have begun working on a video project that will include interviewing refugees and first-generation migrants, highlighting the various endeavors they have overcome and are yet to face.

Before beginning my internship, I did not know how it would be for me since I do not know much Italian, but I was delighted to realize that various of the Oxfam staff are fluent in English, I have met various “L2” teachers that taught Italian as a second language. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and I know that I have made many great relationships with the staff members.