International Internship- Audrey Edel

March 24, 2019

My name is Audrey Edel and I am a junior marketing major! So, I actually did the Arezzo program this past summer and loved it so much I had to come back. The nice thing about this semester is on top of our major oriented classes, we are able to have internships the focus on our majors too. I had never had an internship, therefore I was really looking forward to what it would be like having one, especially in a different country.

I am interning with a company called Borgo Italia. This semester I am in charge of conducting marketing research for one of their brands called Mona Lisa, which is a high end children’s clothing line based right here in Arezzo. They recently opened up a store in Philadelphia, so I am helping them out by researching the Philadelphia area. With this being my first internship internationally, I didn’t really have a lot of expectations coming into it. However, my supervisor for the company has been amazing and has made me feel very comfortable, while helping me learn more about international markets.

One amazing part about this experience has been the trips we take, which are geared towards or classes. We were able to go to Milan for fashion week and that in of its self was an absolute dream for me. Just being in Milan and seeing the atmosphere that the event brings was indescribable. On our last day there, we had the opportunity to go to the White Show and preview of all the new collections that will be coming out soon which was really neat.

OU in Arezzo has so many opportunities for students to learn and grow in a new place. I love learning from individuals that have cultural perspective and can help me broaden my ways of thinking. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back to Arezzo again!