Caroline Curtis– Siena

On Friday, February 2nd, OUA spent our first day traveling around Italy together. Our first stop: Siena! After jumping off the bus, we were lead immediately to the Basilica San Domenico. After hearing about some of its history (including the severed head and thumb of St. Catherine which reside inside!) from Kirk Duclaux, we entered into the church. We were left to explore the church on our own time, allowing us to take in the grand space, its multitude of altars, and all of the artwork that is scattered throughout the church.

We then ventured to the Palazzo Pubblico, located on the Piazza del Campo, of Siena. Nearly every major room in the town hall contained frescoes, each with their own unique story or message. Our last stop in Siena was the Duomo, or the Siena Cathedral. The fa├žade alone was intricate enough to be stared at for hours. This Cathedral was absolutely breathtaking, grandiose in both stature and detailing. Never before had I seen a building as magnificent as this. We took our time exploring the Cathedral, making sure we observed every detail, every nook, and every artistic feature.

After a quick look around the city, our group headed back to Arezzo. It was a long day, but rewarding nonetheless! We were thankful to come home to the most delicious pizza, courtesy of our Center Coordinator, Leanna!

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