Home Away From Home

My name is Georgia Dyson and I am a student at the University of Oklahoma in Arezzo for Spring 2017. I came here with high hopes of adventure and opportunity, and now that my semester of adventure is coming to an end, I am more than thrilled that I took the chance of a lifetime to study abroad in the beautiful city of Arezzo. Not only am I a student at OU in Arezzo, I am one of their media and marketing interns. This has given me a unique opportunity to see OU in Arezzo in a different light. I have recently accepted an offer to continue my internship throughout the summer and am more than excited to continue my journey as a student abroad!

When considering the study abroad program I wanted to embark on, I took into consideration that I would be away from home for 5 months. Although daunting, I became at ease knowing that the OU in Arezzo study abroad program provided an ‘on campus’ living situation, similar to that at the University of Oklahoma Norman campus.  The Rooney Family Center, or otherwise known as the Monastery, was given fantastic reviews from previous students but it wasn’t until I arrived on Monday, January 16 that I realized the amazingness that is the OU in Arezzo Monastery.

It wasn’t hard to feel at home in the Rooney Family Center. This historic building has been renovated from a Monastery into a clean, beautiful, and homey residence hall in the center of the medieval walls of Arezzo. Upon arrival, all the students instantly felt comfortable and excited to live in the Monastery. The rooms are much more spacious than I expected, the decorations are appealing to the eye, the furniture is beyond comfortable, the random nooks around the building add to the brilliance of the Monastery, the food service is practically gourmet, and the people who I share this amazing home with seem like family.

With traveling excursions throughout Italy almost every weekend, it is refreshing to have a place to come home to each Sunday. The people that surround me, as well as the beautiful building and location, I have never felt out of place or longed to be back in the United States. This is without a doubt MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME!